The extra virgin olive oil Ulivi del Castello® it is an organic oil with superior organoleptic properties.
The selection of the best olives, hand picking and cold pressing give our Extra Virgin a fresh and fruity flavor, generous and full of character.


For many, Bio is just a business. For us, organic agriculture is a natural choice, linked to the deep respect we have for the land and our plants. Only thanks to organic cultivation is it possible to find in our Extra Virgin Oil that good taste of tradition, of those ancient tastes that it is now difficult to find.
Obviously, to guarantee the use of organic techniques there is not only our word, but the certificates of the ICEA certification body.


The olives that we transform into oil are produced directly by us on our plantations, on the slopes of the Miglionichesi hills.
The main cultivars are Maiatica and Cellina di Miglionico, autochthonous varieties that are well suited to the characteristics of the soil and climate.
When the olives reach their ideal maturity, that is, in the period from mid-October to the end of November, they are harvested from the plants with the manual picking method. This system allows optimal harvesting, avoiding trauma and fruit breakage and ensuring full respect for the plant.

The olives collected in this way are conveyed to a deramifogliatore that deprives them of any impurities present, such as leaves and branches, and places them in the tank with granite millstones.
The olive paste is then passed into the kneader, where the separation of the oil from the vegetation water begins. The pasta is then placed on the taxes to be subjected to pressure.
The must obtained by pressing is finally introduced into the separator which definitively separates the vegetation water from the oil.

Finally, the oil is stored in a stainless steel container, strictly without undergoing any type of filtering, both chemical and mechanical. In this way the oil will be able to settle naturally without its organoleptic characteristics being altered in any way.

Extra virgin olive oil Ulivi del Castello® così obtained, it stands out for its golden yellow color with green tones and presents itself with a fresh and fruity taste and smell, with hints of almond.
Its flavor is generous and full of character, ideal for giving flavor in any culinary preparation. This oil is able to accompany, with its unmistakable flavor, any dish, from soups to meat, from salads to fish.
The very low acidity and the high content of vitamins make it the king of the table.
It is good for the heart, fights free radicals and is very good.